New brand positioning strengthens CGA’s growth strategy

CGA, the leading data and research consultancy for the out-of-home food and drink market, is bringing together its drinks, food, retail and international operations under a single, focussed brand identity.

Old names of CGA Strategy and CGA Peach, which reflect the company’s roots in the drinks and retail markets, will be retired as the business focuses its growth strategy under the new and simplified CGA banner.

“Our aim is to bring clarity to our services and ensure that clients and partners always have full access to our unrivalled expertise and full range of services across the broad out-of-home market, both in the UK and internationally,” added CGA chief executive officer Phil Tate.

Along with the new brand identity comes a new logo and website (, highlighting the full range of company capabilities across market measurement, brand performance, location and sales planning and consumer research.

Working out of Manchester in the UK and Chicago in the US, CGA’s expert teams already service some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, delivering fresh, powerful and incisive insights and market measurement to drive growth strategies.

“Our new focus will allow us to use our phenomenal data and expert insight even more effectively to grow that business,” added Tate.

“In the last four years we have acquired and fully integrated the Peach Factory business, with its expertise in the operator world – and we remain fiercely ambitious with plans already in place to expand into other areas, following the launch of our UK foodservice operation.

“We are always at the forefront of innovation, which has led us in just the last two years to create the first reliable read of the US out of home alcohol beverage market,” said Tate.

CGA uniquely brings together sales, location and consumer data, from multiple sources, to provide the most comprehensive, complex and in-depth view of the out-of-home market. Its services and products include On Premises Measurement (OPM™), BrandTrack, Coffer Peach Business Tracker, CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index and Outlet Index.

Tate added: “Gathering data is just the start for us. In our Data Lab, we have a team of more than 40 highly skilled, diligent professionals who follow strict protocols and procedures to verify those inputs. The tools and automated processes they use are all developed in-house by our expert team of developers, including 600 plus automated apps to load, handle, produce, model and output data. This is how we know our outputs are of the highest quality and provenance, and that the insights we derive are true and accurate.”

The new brand identity was developed for CGA by branding specialists We Are Spectacular, headed by sector marketing specialist Mark McCulloch. “Mark and his team brought creativity and an established understanding of our marketplace to help us focus on the key drivers of our business to create a clear, understandable and simplified identity for both our teams and clients. By bringing together the key elements of the company we are better placed top scale future growth,” said Phil Tate.

About CGA:

CGA is the data and research consultancy of choice for the out-of-home food and drinks market, specialising in market measurement, consumer research and location planning.

What sets CGA apart is our unique ability to access the three key types of data (supply, demand and consumer) and then triangulate this data to provide the most complete and accurate picture of anyone in the out-of-home sector.

From our offices in Manchester, United Kingdom, and Chicago, United States, CGA experts work with many of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including drinks manufacturers, consumer brand owners, food suppliers and wholesalers as well as pub, bar and restaurant retailers and government entities.

Founded in 1985, CGA’s mission is to use our phenomenal data and expert insight of the leisure industry to give these brands the competitive edge, and get them where they want to be, faster.

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