How the Australian On Premise fares vs global trends: Key insights

In a presentation to Drinks Association members, CGA by NielsenIQ’s Scott Elliott and James Phillips explore how On Premise trends have shifted in Australia post-pandemic – and how these trends compare to the global recovery of the channel.
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The return of the On Premise around the world


Following the end of lockdowns and restrictions around the world, it’s clear that consumers are continuing to prioritise the On Premise – with 84% of global consumer typically visiting the channel, a 3 percentage point increase versus last year. Drink-led occasions in particular have seen growth, with weekly visits increasing 12pp versus pre-COVID-19 levels.


This trend is reflected in the Australian On Premise, with 88% of Australian consumers planning on going out more or as often during the remainder of 2022, with consumers visiting casual dining restaurants, pubs and restaurants more often versus 6 months ago.


Premiumisation vs Polarisation

Globally, consumers’ desire for both value and quality has increased since COVID-19, with 35% of consumers stating high quality is more important (+2pp versus 2019), and 37% stating good value (+4pp vs 2019) is more important. 63% of consumers globally state that they are likely to trade up for a ‘better quality’ drink, highlighting how prevalent the premiumisation trend has become – even in Australia.


53% of Australian consumers were likely to pay extra for a better quality drink when out, when surveyed in CGA’s OPUS study – a 6 percentage point increase versus Autumn 2022. However, Australians also tend to prefer good value, with this dichotomy presenting a significant challenge for drinks suppliers in positioning their brands.


Cocktails, No/Low and other emerging categories

In CGA’s exclusive Bartender research conducted earlier in the year, cocktails were tipped to be one of the biggest trends – with 59% of bartenders stating they thought cocktails are in the best position to thrive in 2022. This is reinforced with the recent growth in cocktail penetration over the last 6 months in the Australian On Premise. This trend mirrors a global shift towards more experience-led serves, with consumers around the world choosing cocktails – with markets such as the US showing a 50%+ increase in the rate of sale in this category versus 2019.


Aussie bartenders also predicted that this year would see the No/Low alcohol trend take off in the On Premise – but this hasn’t translated to a significant uptick in popularity with consumers. Penetration of low/no alcohol alternatives is slightly down versus 6 months earlier in the year (-1pp), however loyal no/low customers are actually drinking more often (September 2022 versus March 2022).


Hard seltzers are one emerging category that has seen consistent growth, booming worldwide – particularly in the US across a variety of formats. The growth of this category in Australia could in part be due to the desire to live a healthier lifestyle, with ‘to be healthy’ growing in popularity as a reason for choosing hard seltzers as a drink choice in the On Premise.


The Desire for Local

With the decline of high-tempo, late-night occasions, the suburbs have seen an uptick in visitation. This reflects a continuing trend towards the ‘importance of local’, with 27% of Australian consumers stating it’s more important now that their drink is Australian than it was 12 months ago.


Scott Elliott, managing director: APAC, said: “Australia’s up there in the top ten in terms of the growth of importance for a brand to be seen as local, to be produced locally for them, and to be perceived as supporting local.”


James Phillips, client solutions director: ANZ, agreed: “There’s so much focus on sort of precinct areas or CBD areas when it comes to consuming in the On Premise, but your local restaurant with a licence could be opportunity to really grow at the same time.”


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