Global Origins: Wine Insights Report now available

Country of origin and varietal style DO matter, according to the latest ‘Global Origins’ Wine Insight report from CGA.

The second in a series of four CGA Wine Insight reports highlight key countries and varietals crucial to on trade category growth.

Country of origin and varietal style do matter, according to the latest ‘Global Origins’ Wine Insight report from CGA.

In addition, analysis of exclusive data allows comparison between wine consumers in GB and the USA suggests our American cousins have a broader palate of styles – based on greater knowledge and category education. Something wine drinkers can still potentially benefit from back home too.

If we look at the GB wine category in broad terms then while volumes continue to decline, value levels remain far more robust. The dynamics of this trend are many and varied, even more so when country of origin and varietal are factored into the equation. This is where the broader category and consumer analysis within the Global Origins report really help to make these variations clear.

By understanding the countries and styles that are performing best, along with the motivations of the consumer, it is possible to see where, and how, these current nuances in the marketplace are developing.

‘Global Origins’ is the second in a series of four unique reports to be published by CGA this year. Future reports, which can be purchased individually or as a set, will provide advice on wine menu optimisation, and broad analysis of the premium end of the casual dining market.

The CGA research is based on interviews with more than 8,000 wine drinkers and CGA’s industry-leading On Premise Measurement service, and is enhanced by commentary from wine experts gathered by Richard Siddle, co-founder and editor of wine industry website The Buyer. Together, the reports form a holistic view of the out-of-home wine market, drawing on unrivalled data and expert knowledge.

Mark Newton, senior category development manager for wine at CGA said: “This research shows the huge potential for producers, suppliers and restaurants to grow wine sales. Our combination of authoritative data and skilled insight can help teams understand the key consumer trends and issues, recognise opportunities and unlock potential.”

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