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What type of MATCH consumer are you?

You are a...Carefree Dolce Vita

All about you

You always enjoy a fabulous glass of wine or maybe a cocktail in a quality restaurant surrounded by friends & family. You love your carefree lifestyle & want to be surrounded by choices when you visit somewhere for the first time! You generally opt to eat out in places that are tried, tested & have a great reputation for quality & service. An impromptu casual meal out is just as good as a planned dinner, especially if there are some healthy options on the menu!

Typical demographics


36% are 65+ years old


50% Male, 50% Female


Medium: £30,001 - £50,000


38% are retired


22% are parents

of population
0 %

Out-of-home behaviour


Proportion of all drink-led visits that are made by this group


Proportion of all food-led visits that are made by this group


Eat out weekly


Drink out weekly


Average monthly spend
Carefree Dolce Vitas spent 25% less than GB monthly avg.

Top 5 drinks consumed

1. Soft drinks

2. Wine

3. Coffee

4. Tea

5. Lager

Adoption of trends


Repertoire shows the number of drinks categories or brands that this segment typically switches between.

Attitudes & behaviours

I proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Health 59%
I like to keep up to date with the latest trends and fashions.
I check social media frequently throughout the day.
Social media 38%
Social media has increased my awareness of eating and drinking out brands.
I lead a busy lifestyle and rarely have a large amount of free time.
I actively seek out information on new places to eat and drink out through all available sources.
Seek out new 20%
I tend to stick to places that I know well when eating and drinking out.
Familiarity 51%
I take a keen interest in food and drink and consider myself knowledgeable on the subject.
Food expertise 49%
I consider myself a 'foodie'.
Foodie 31%
I am interested in deals and offers.
I enjoy visiting new eating and drinking out brands whilst they are still small chains but are starting to become recognised
Prefer small chains 28%
I am typically one of the first to visit new eating and drinking places.
Trendsetter 7%

Key drivers

What drives Carefree Dolce Vitas to venues for food?

1. Location
2. Convenience
3. Value for money
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What drives Carefree Dolce Vitas to venues for drinks?

1. Location
2. Value for money
3. My previous visits have been consistently good
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All the consumer groups

Big spenders on food and drink whether on business or with the family. They think nothing of dining out, and trips always include a meal somewhere.

Business Class Seekers Close

Social media users to whom going out means drinking in the most popular places. However they tend to save it for the weekend with a more health-focused mindset during the week.

Mainstream Minded Close

Likely retired with time on their hands, they regularly seek out coffee shops during shopping or other trips, choosing familiar places as they can be wary of trying something new.

Comfortable Sceptics Close

Unfussy, but wary of trying somewhere new, they always look carefully at the price. However they will be strong advocates for places they do enjoy.

Cost Conscious Champions Close

They’ve got their favourite places, rarely push the boat out, and prefer to stay close to home.

Steadfast Sippers Close

Busy, but always make time for eating and drinking out. They’re first to visit the latest trendy place and tell you about it on social media

Trending Tastemakers Close

They’ve normally got the kids with them, so look out for a quality, quick bite while they’re out and about.​

Family Pit Stoppers Close

Empty-nesters, discerning and health-conscious, they frequently enjoy meals out with family and friends, invariably with a glass of wine.

Carefree Dolce Vita Close

Fairly comfortably off, they follow trends and regularly eat and drink out, often in pub restaurants with a glass of wine

Confident Conformists Close

Like to wine and dine out with friends in upmarket casual dining restaurants when the opportunity arises. Great service and good quality food and drink are incredibly important, which is why they generally opt to eat out in places that are tried and trusted or places that come highly recommended.

Sparkling Socialisers Close

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