Comparing Canada Bar and Restaurants sales during Stanley Cup Playoffs and NFL Big Game

On Premise performance for two of North America's premier sporting events of the year, the NFL Big Game and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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This comparative analysis highlights the sales performance across bars and restaurants in Canada for both sporting occasions.  


Select games throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and particularly games involving Canadian teams, delivered higher traffic and sales velocity for bars and restaurants nationally across Canada than that of the Big Game Day in February. Game 1 of the first round in which the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning on April 18th, 2023, marked a +15% velocity increase. Tickets counts for the average outlet were +4%, with the average check value +11%.  


The absence of Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup’s final series with the last game taking place on June 13th, 2023, saw enthusiasm slightly dampened, with a -2% drop in velocity mainly due to decreased ticket counts which were –3%. This, confirming and amplifying the impact regional team participation has for On Premise performance.


For the Big Game Day in 2024, bars and restaurant sales velocity dipped –5% vs 2023’s game, with ticket counts –5%. The event did however generate a +2% increase in check value. Overall, this year’s Big Game was responsible for a convincing +14% increase in velocity compared to the average Sunday, primarily through ticket count boosts.  


BeverageTrak provides a clear view of how sales performance can vary across specific events, holidays, and occasions, where the hospitably industry sees increased footfall. CGA by NIQ can take this analysis further in drilling down to dayparts, day of the week, and brand and category analysis to assess what drives sales in bars and restaurants across the country and in select provinces. 


To find out more about BeverageTrak’s capabilities and how it can help your On Premise strategy, get in touch with Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Or click here to find out more about Canada On Premise Impact Reports. 

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