CGA partners with Restaurants Canada to provide exclusive data on alcohol consumption trends

Restaurants offered access to valuable insights into consumer behaviour via new monthly member report

To better serve its members with exclusive insights into Canada’s foodservice and hospitality trends, Restaurants Canada has partnered with CGA to release new COVID-19 Sales On Premise Impact Reports, highlighting critical alcohol velocity trends across Canada. Released monthly starting September 2021, each report will help Restaurants Canada members make better business decisions based on what Canadians prefer when it comes to dine-in alcohol orders.


Collected by CGA—the definitive source for On Premise measurement, insight, and research consultancy—the data shares critical information on trends such as value velocity and total market sales across Canada, including key province breakdowns, as well as beer, wine and spirit sector reporting and daily frequency trends each month. Restaurants Canada aims to provide  reporting to help restaurateurs and bar owners understand the different dynamics of On Premise alcohol consumption across cities and provinces as the market continues to diverge and evolve due to COVID-19.


We’re thrilled to be partnering with CGA to be able to provide additional value to our members,” says Todd Barclay, CEO of Restaurants Canada. “Knowledge is power, and a big key to helping restaurants navigate their businesses during COVID-19 and beyond. By providing our members with as much information as possible—now including exclusive data on alcohol consumption and velocity across Canada—we can help one of the hardest hit industries get back on its feet.”


Data for each report is collected and aligned with CGA’s highest standards from across a pool of point of sales (POS) systems from more than 1,000 outlets across Canada. The data provides a clear understanding of consumer behaviour, tracking date and time of every order, all as it is entered in the POS system, including drinks, food and non-food items, as well as tips, tax and discounts on each order.

As CGA continues to expand its global reach, we are delighted to partner with Canada’s leading trade association for our beloved foodservice industry” says Scott Elliott, CGA’s Managing Director: Americas “It has been a difficult 18 months for the trade and high quality data and insights have never been more important to successfully navigate the new consumer and competitive landscape that now exists. Combining CGA’s best in class data with Restaurants Canada’s unparalleled industry expertise and reach can only be a good thing and we are really excited to work together for the good of the sector.“


While each report shares key velocity information, any brand-specific data is available directly through CGA. This partnership was built out of a long-standing relationship between Restaurants Canada and CGA; CGA has been a reliable source for Restaurant Canada’s Beer and Wine Report, released in the spring edition of MENU Magazine and the upcoming Spirits report in late fall.


Both Restaurants Canada and CGA are excited to be able to provide full segment data and reporting by province available for the first time on a consolidated monthly basis for the restaurant sector.

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