Bidfood Case Study

Bidfood’s Food and Drinks Trends 2023 top UK Google rankings and CGA by NielsenIQ research provides valuable, relevant, and actionable insights to help engage their customer base.

The Challenge

CGA by NielsenIQ were tasked to enhance Bidfood’s knowledge of where opportunities lie within the hospitality sector so they can best educate their customer portfolio to win growth opportunities in the future.


Having supported Bidfood by delivering bespoke insights to support their 2022 Food and Drinks Trends, Bidfood trusted us to once again provide in-depth research for the 2023 Food and Drinks Trends launch, relying on CGA’s Out-Of-Home market expertise and vast experience of conducting a wide-range of bespoke research projects.


The Solution

Using a mixture of sources including a quantitative consumer survey, qualitative interviews with food and drink influencers and CGA by NielsenIQ proprietary data, the research aided Bidfood in highlighting areas within Out-Of-Home food and drink to offer the best potential of unlocking opportunities with Bidfood’s customer base.


The Outcome

Bidfood were provided with a clear understanding of the key food and drinks trends to structure their focus on for the Bidfood 2023 Trends project.  This research also provided their client base with vital insights of navigating forward in an ever-changing landscape. CGA by NielsenIQ’s research further enhanced Bidfood’s credibility as a thought-leading Wholesaler supplying into the Out-Of-Home Market.


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with CGA by NielsenIQ on both our 2022 and 2023 Food and Drink Trends projects. The opportunity to conduct bespoke consumer research, coupled with their extensive data on the out of home industry, means that the insight we gain and communicate to our customer base is both relevant and actionable.

“This makes it so much easier to make into an engaging campaign for our customers, and our Trends web pages have, for the second year running, topped the UK Google rankings for “Food and Drink Trends 2023” this year.

“The team at CGA by NielsenIQ are incredibly friendly, professional, and always go the extra mile to really get to know the needs of our business and customer base too. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”  

Holly Rogers, Research and Insights Manager at Bidfood

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