Bartender influence becomes imperative to Spanish cocktail choices

An exclusive new report from CGA by NIQ reveals how engaging bartenders can help drinks suppliers generate valuable extra sales in Spain’s On Premise.
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The ‘Spain Bartender Report’ uses a major BarSights survey of 150 experienced bartenders around the country to deliver actionable insights that improve sales and brand strategies. It highlights that almost a fifth (17%) of Spanish consumers enjoy cocktails, with a notable increase among Gen Z consumers, (+16 pp).  


CGA by NIQ’s latest Spain Insights from the Global Bartender Survey offer a deep dive into the preferences and behaviours of both Spanish consumers and bartenders, identifying meaningful opportunities for drinks brands, suppliers, and operators to shake up On Premise cocktail sales. 


Classic cocktails continue to dominate the On Premise environment, with the Mojito reigning supreme, chosen by almost two thirds (61%) of cocktail drinkers. Piña Colada (47%), Caipirinha (32%), and both the Cuba Libre and Margarita at 29% follow behind. These findings demonstrate a marked trend towards traditional cocktail choices with fruity and acidic flavours. Classic pineapple, strawberry, and coconut flavours are particularly popular. 


The Insights reveal a growing interest in conservative fruity flavours since October 2022. Emerging favourites include the Piña Colada (+6pp), Screwdriver (+5pp), and Tom Collins (+4pp). 


Notably, bartenders have a pivotal role to play in influencing consumer choices in the lucrative cocktail market. This is confirmed and amplified by over half of cocktail drinkers (52%), who state recommendations from bar staff are the top deciding factor when ordering drinks. With three quarters (79%) of bartenders actively making suggestions every shift and a gigantic 95% of consumers receptive to these recommendations, the importance of bartender engagement is more evident than ever. 


Greater rapport with bartenders should be a primary strategy for brands looking to capitalise on cocktails. For this reason, enhancing bartender training programs and creating targeted incentives can effectively turn bartenders into powerful brand advocates. Therefore, understanding bartender preferences and their favoured forms of recognition are crucial to successful supplier relationships and driving category growth. 


Additionally, a focused product line-up aligning with consumer preferences for classic, fruity cocktails is strategically important. Brands and operators are better placed to overcome pricing obstacles and stimulate further consumption by concentrating on these popular choices while leveraging bartender influence. 


Celia Rodriguez, Client Development Manager said: ” The future of cocktails in Spain is classic yet evolving, rooted in tradition, but receptive to refinement and innovation. Our findings highlight the indispensable influence of bartenders in the cocktail ecosystem. For Spanish drinks brands, suppliers, and operators, understanding and integrating these insights is crucial. It’s clear the industry can achieve substantial growth by nurturing strong bartender relationships and aligning offerings with consumer tastes.”


The Bartender Report offers powerful insights for drinks brands, suppliers, and venue operators to build meaningful connections and cultivate advocacy within the global bartender community. It not only explores the intricate preferences and prevalent trends among bartenders worldwide, but also uncovers market-specific nuances, going beyond the global perspective to offer tailormade findings and recommendations specifically geared towards the dynamic Spanish On Premise.   


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