Anzac Day Doubles Sales Velocity in Australian Bars and Pubs

The release of CGA by NIQ’s latest Australia Pulse+ Report confirms Anzac Day 2024 as the most valuable Thursday of the year to date for the average outlet.
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The report provides insights into the performance of venue types and drink categories, informing industry stakeholders about consumer behaviours and preferences in the On Premise on this Australian public holiday.


Anzac Day generates notable activity in the hospitality sector, as people come together to commemorate fallen Australians and New Zealanders.


This year, Thursday 25th April saw positive BevAl sales. In fact, the overall velocity nearly doubled compared to an average Thursday, with a remarkable +98% increase. This spike was primarily due to increased footfall, while check values remained steady.


Beer sales soared, with a massive +105% increase. Moreover, Spirits saw an even greater uplift at +141%. Both categories recorded over twice the sales of an average Thursday. In addition, Wine sales also grew, though more modestly at +44%.


In terms of where consumers chose to mark Anzac Day, drinking venues saw an enormous velocity increase of +122%, outperforming other venue categories. In contrast, eating outlets, while experiencing an uplift, saw a smaller increase of +23%.


Regional variations were also clearly apparent. For example, beverage sales were nearly double the average Thursday (+97%) in Victoria, whereas New South Wales saw an extraordinary increase, with sales almost tripling (+194%).


Despite notable gains, the overall BevAl velocity for the average outlet on Anzac Day 2024 was slightly down by -11% compared to the previous year. This decrease was due to a -18% drop in ticket counts, although average check values rose by +8%.


Wine and Beer saw reductions in sales velocity compared to 2023, with declines of -28% and -7% respectively. Conversely, Spirits showed resilience, with a +5% increase in velocity, driven by higher average check values.


The overall uplift was attributed to improved performance within drinking outlets, while eating outlets experienced a downturn in sales across all three sectors.


James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – Australia said: “The latest Pulse+ Report reveals the essential trends drinks suppliers and operators need to understand for maximising public holidays. For instance, the significant increase in BevAl sales, particularly in drinking outlets, emphasises the importance of strategic planning and targeted offerings on such key dates. Stakeholders who get these dynamics right are well placed to meet consumer demands and enhance profitability on occasions when the business is there for the taking.”


CGA by NIQ’s BeverageTrak is the key to unlocking crucial data and insights for marquee On Premise occasions and events, understanding the sales performance allows you to get ahead of the curve and plan your On Premise event calendar around the most important dates by category. The solution provides a view of how brands and categories are being consumed, when and at what price in Australia’s On Premise.


To learn more about BeverageTrak get in touch with James Phillips at, or download more information here.

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