Hospitality Analyst & Investor Pack

Expert research and exclusive data powering strategic and informed decision making

The Hospitality Analyst and Investor Pack provides a holistic view of the hospitality industry, covering supply, demand and consumer trends. It is designed to support the work of industry analysts, investors and sector on-lookers, giving them vital data and insights into the hospitality market.

Core components of the pack

Coffer CGA Business Tracker

Measure performance against the hospitality industry’s leading sales barometer. The Tracker has provided expert analysis of sales trends since 2009. It now measures sales worth more than £12bn a year from 65% of the managed market; well over 10,000 sites.

Supply Trends Report

Understand the size and shape of hospitality markets & how they are changing over time. Identify the burgeoning markets & locations for new openings.

Consumer Brand Sentiment and Usage Report

Gain insights on the biggest national pub, bar and restaurant brands across a set of key performance metrics such as average spend, value for money & perception of quality . Understand the audience the brand appeals to & why. Determine brand strength and consumer engagement and loyalty.

Business Leaders Report

Get insights into the state of the market from the perspective of its most highly respected leaders and businesses. Track business confidence and unpack latest developments in the market.

Enhance your package with Analyst Pack Plus

Hospitality at Home Tracker

Formed during COVID-19 pandemic, the Hospitality At Home Tracker offers crucial analysis of consumers’ spending patterns on delivery and takeaway.

100 Top Towns Report

Utilising EPOS sales data drawn from over 7,800 managed pubs, bars and restaurants, 100 Top Town Report provides an invaluable snapshot of how the market is performing each month.

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