3 in 5 Australian consumers likely to trial new drinks brands in the On Premise

Although Aussie consumers tend to be quite habitual in their drink choice, pubs, bars and restaurants provide a key opportunity for drinks brands to encourage experimentation and trial of new products and categories – with over 60% of consumers more likely to experiment in this channel than at home.
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CGA by NielsenIQ’s Australia On Premise Consumer Pulse looks at the behaviours and motivations of 750 consumers each month to highlight their past and planned visitation, confidence in visiting pubs, bars, and restaurants and to examine hot topics in more detail. This month, CGA examines how the On Premise is a key channel for exploration and innovation for drinks brands.


The proportion of consumers visiting the On Premise in Australia has increased over the past month, largely driven by food-led visits. This month sees the highest proportion of consumers both visiting the channel and planning ahead to visit the On Premise to eat and drink, since CGA launched the Australian On Premise Consumer Impact Report series.


The frequency of visits to the channel remains stable with 2 in 5 On Premise consumers going out the same amount as usual, with those who are going out more often doing so to treat themselves, try new places, or because they are less concerned about COVID-19. Consumer spend in the On Premise has also largely remained the same, with those who have increased their spend doing so to treat themselves more – suggesting that despite cost of living concerns, consumers are still prioritising eating and drinking out as an affordable treat.


The On Premise is not only a channel for consumers to treat themselves – it’s also a fundamental gateway that drives trial of new drink products, brands, and categories. 38% of Australian consumers stated they like to experiment and enjoy trying new drinks, while 62% are more likely to trial these new drinks at a bar, restaurant or similar venue.


Over half of Aussie On Premise consumers have noticed either a new product or branded event in venues over the last 3 months – with new product development (NPD) more noticeable in ready-to-drink alcohol, beer, and no/low alcohol options. Whereas for branded and merchandised events, consumers are more likely to notice this across the categories of beer, ready-to-drink alcohol and spirits.


Both NPD and branded or merchandised events help to build positive brand positioning amongst consumers, with brands that launch recognisable NPD perceived as ‘trendy’, ‘exciting’, and ‘innovative’. The On Premise also demonstrates a high conversion rate, with 60% of consumers trialling new products on exposure to them in the channel.


This experimentation and trial drives purchases in both the On Premise and for at-home consumption with 62% of consumers who tried a new drink and enjoyed it likely to repurchase in a bar, restaurant or similar venue – while half said they’d buy the same drink in a bottle shop or supermarket.


James Phillips, Director of Client Solutions: Asia Pacific, said: “Drinks brands need to work hard to optimise product launches and enhance brand experiences in venue to cut through the noise, particularly in the RTD and beer categories. Brand activations in this channel can be a great promotional tool for drinks suppliers to leverage consumer engagement and build positive positioning, but brands need to explore during which occasions consumers are more likely to engage with branded events and which factors will help to drive positive experiences. CGA’s solutions across On Premise data and insights can help suppliers understand how to both optimise branding activations, promotions and marketing materials – and how to measure the effectiveness of these activities.”


Download the latest Australia Consumer Pulse Report here – https://cgastrategy.com/australia-on-premise-impact-report-consumer/


To learn more about CGA by NielsenIQ’s consumer research and market measurement services across both Australia and New Zealand, please contact James Phillips at james.phillips@cgastrategy.com

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