CGA by NielsenIQ reveals On Premise opportunities for drinks brands and venue operators in Brazil

CGA by NielsenIQ is launching first of its kind consumer research in Brazil, providing suppliers and operators with the insights needed to grow sales and share in the country’s dynamic On Premise.

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CGA’s exclusive On Premise User Survey (OPUS) is available now, with expert analysis of Brazilians’ habits and preferences based on a survey of 7,500 premium consumers. OPUS data has been serving the industry globally for more than a decade and is used by leading beverage companies as the definitive way to understand On Premise behaviors, occasions and preferences. Refreshed twice a year, the data also provides opportunities to uniquely profile specific brand and category consumers and assess the most valuable sub-channels to target.


Early insights from OPUS highlight the huge popularity of bars and restaurants in Brazil. Of those who have visited the On Premise in the past three months, almost half (48%) have done so at least weekly. The number of frequent visitors shows how the On Premise is at the heart of Brazil’s social life and consumer spending. On Premise behaviors play an important role in Off Premise spend too – 4 in 5 consumers in Brazil agree that they are ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to repurchase a drink at home if they were to try it when out and enjoy it.


OPUS delivers a host of other findings, all helping suppliers and operators gain extra consumer engagement, sales and guest satisfaction. They include:

  • Nearly half (47%) of visitors typically drink beer in Brazil’s On Premise—making it the most popular drinks category ahead of wine (28%) and spirits (22%).
  • Whiskey is the subcategory where consumers are most likely to trade up, with a fifth (19%) of its drinkers likely to pay extra for a better quality drink.
  • The iconic Caipirinha is Brazil’s most popular cocktail, but a range of classic mixed drinks also perform well, including Gin and Tonic, Margarita, Mojito and Piña Colada.
  • Well over half (57%) of consumers typically visit restaurants in Brazil, with sizeable numbers using barbecue restaurants (40%), cafes (37%) and botecos (25%). Around a third go out for a casual meal and a quarter for a quick bite to eat—underlining the low-tempo nature of On Premise visits.


CGA’s OPUS solution also provides vital clues to what consumers are looking for when they eat and drink out. More than two in five consumers cite good service (46%), quality of food (43%) and value for money (42%) as important factors.


The OPUS research is available in Brazil now. Later this year it will be complemented by CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index, the best-in-class database of food and drink sites that is used by businesses in dozens of countries around the world. It provides unprecedented analysis of the size and the shape of the ever-changing On Premise channel, with segmentation available to help suppliers optimize their sales targeting strategies and spot and close distribution gaps.


Matthew Crompton, CGA by NIQ Vice President- Americas, said: “The CGA by NIQ team are delighted to be supporting On Premise businesses in Brazil for the first time. This is one of the most vibrant bar and restaurant scenes in the world, and our launch follows demand from our global customers to improve insights into a competitive market with rich growth potential. Our OPUS research gives suppliers the much-needed data required to make confident investment decisions, and the launch of our Outlet Index later in the year will add another dimension to successful strategies. The On Premise is absolutely vital to brand trial and equity in Brazil, and our solutions can establish the foundations for substantial gains in sales and share in the months and years ahead.”


Alfredo Costa, NIQ Managing Director Brazil, said “In recent years, understanding the on-premise environment has become increasingly critical for anticipating new trends across categories, flavors, and brands that later become popular in other sales channels. I am thrilled to launch the CGA portfolio in Brazil, a best-in-class solution for this industry. This addition not only enhances our suite of solutions but also strengthens our Full View strategy, enabling our clients and partners to make more informed business decisions and improve their performance.”


Accessible via a package of core outputs and custom projects, and a proprietary self-serve platform, OPUS is the single source of understanding what consumers are doing in the On Premise and why. To learn more about OPUS and CGA’s other services in Brazil, please contact Matt Crompton here

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