Germany’s consumers ready to spend in the On Premise post-COVID-19

New research from leading On Premise analysts CGA reveals that consumers in Germany are set to spend freely on eating and drinking out as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.
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With a population more engaged with the On Premise than elsewhere in the world (86% of German consumers visit the On Premise – five percentage points more than the global average), a deeper dive into the findings is warranted.


CGA’s REACH (Research & Analyse Consumers in Hospitality) survey of more than 1,000 consumers in Germany in the Spring found that around three in five (61%) consumers intended to go out to eat and drink at every opportunity when ‘things are back to normal’, while a quarter (27%) plan to spend more money in the On Premise over the next 12 months than they usually would.


Restaurants are best placed to benefit from consumers’ return to the On Premise, more than half (56%) of consumers say they plan to visit such venues more regularly in the next 12 months, ahead of pubs (31%), bars (22%) and nightclubs (12%).


CGA’s research also emphasises the value of restaurants, bars and pubs to drinks suppliers in both sales and branding. On Premise users in Germany consume well over a third (38%) of their total alcohol there, while three in five (59%) say a positive experience there has led them to buy a brand of drink to consume at home.


While 64% of consumers said they will have returned to the On Premise within a week of it reopening, there are also signs of caution, with just over a third (36%) indicating they will have waited at least a month after reopening to go back out again.  Consumer data highlights ways businesses can reassure those who are still cautious about going out, including the use of outside space. Well over half (56%) of consumers say they are confident about visiting venues with outdoor areas—nearly twice the number who feel confident about visiting large-capacity venues. Group sizes will be a factor too, with four times as many consumers preferring to meet in small groups (80%) than in big ones (20%).


CGA’s in-depth research into consumers’ behaviour provides On Premise suppliers in Germany with a wide range of actionable insights to enhance strategies and boost sales as the market returns.


Graeme Loudon, CGA managing director EMEA and APAC, said: “It’s clear from our research that consumers in Germany have really missed restaurants, pubs and bars during all the upheaval of the last 16 months. As restrictions continue to ease, we can expect to see a steady release of spending, therefore building a comprehensive understanding of consumers needs and behaviours is critical to ensure suppliers and retailers can maximise their share of this spend in the On Premise.”


For more information about CGA’s exclusive consumer research, and how it can help operators and suppliers to optimise sales and marketing strategies in the reopened market, please contact Ben Krzysica at 

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