Foodservice Price Index

Snapshot report

October 2021

The October Foodservice Price Index kicked up 1% on September levels, and rose 1% year-on-year, showing the beginning of what is projected to be a significant rise in inflation over the winter months.


The period since the reopening of hospitality during the summer of 2021 has seen significant supply turbulence with labour and product shortages seen throughout the supply chain. Shortages of product in themselves can drive prices upwards, but the causes of the shortages, such as labour, raw materials, packaging and distribution costs are also feeding into prices.  


The exclusive Foodservice Price Index is jointly produced by Prestige Purchasing and CGA, using foodservice data drawn from 7.8m transactions per month. It contains myriad insights and information pertinent to the foodservice sector and is essential reading for anyone seeking to keep ahead of price trends and understand why they occur.


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