NEW Nielsen CGA Channel Strategy Report

As the On-Premise becomes more complex and competitive, drink suppliers, retailers and distributors in the US are increasingly looking for opportunities to grow in under-developed channels. As new, exploratory areas of business and growth, these need to be navigated with specific strategies in mind.

With consumer experience at the heart of all decisions, being able to understand what motivates and excites consumers in various channels is key in winning with your set of brands. Nielsen CGA’s new new Channel Strategy Report gives you the opportunity to strategically explore and expand into new channels and ultimately build you business.

Learn more about our new report and custom deep-dives below:

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This exciting new report will enable brands to thrive in previously unexplored channels. The landscape of the On-Premise is always evolving - from stadiums and airport bars to experience-led venues and grocerants, new channels have emerged for our clients to explore.

We're thrilled to be innovating in this area, and by developing our Channel Report, we're enabling our clients to strategically identify fresh opportunities in the On-Premise.

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