CGA by NIQ steer Scottish suppliers through London’s hottest hospitality trends

Last week, Scottish suppliers visited the bustling London hospitality market as part of the London Discovery Programme & Meet the Buyer Showcase. Some of the cohort joined CGA by NIQ for a tour of the city’s most exciting hospitality venues, of course, accompanied by a wealth of data and insights.

CGA by NIQ accompanied a group of Scottish suppliers on visits to a selection of London’s vibrant hospitality venues, as part of the London Discovery Programme & Meet the Buyer Showcase, orchestrated by Scotland Food & Drink and The Knowledge Bank, in collaboration with Scotland House London. 

Each outlet on the itinerary was carefully selected due it its embodiment of key trends driving growth in social drinking and dining. As a result, the overarching themes of the safari paint a clear picture of the concepts, behaviours and preferences shaping London’s hospitality landscape: 


  • Experience-Led Venues – On Premise venues are pushing beyond traditional food and drink offerings, creating immersive experiences that transport consumers to different worlds, eras, or themes. These venues spark the imagination of consumers, and keep them coming back for more, by offering a blend of nostalgia and/or novelty. This trend has gained significant traction, with 12% of consumers now typically visiting experience-led venues within a three-month period.  


  • Competitive SocialisingThe rise of competitive socialising has transformed how people engage with Out-Of-Home venues. Accordingly, venues offering interactive games alongside food and drinks are enjoying increasing popularity. The trend taps into an appetite for healthy competition, attracting groups looking for a fun night, creating memorable experiences, and generating repeat visits. 


  • No/Low Alcohol Options – Health-conscious consumers are driving the growth of no/low alcohol venues. The emergence of On Premise outlets dedicated solely to no/low alcohol options highlights a significant shift in consumer preferences towards mindful drinking, with 13% typically choosing no/low alcohol drinks when dining out, and 43% expressing a preference for low alcohol options over traditional high alcohol beverages. 


  • Third Space Neighbourhood HangoutsThese multi-purpose hubs are designed to serve various functions, from workspaces and coffee shops to fine dining and wellness centres. Acting as neighbourhood hangouts, they cater to diverse consumer bases and occasions by integrating multiple services under one roof. This versatility enhances both their appeal and utility, as these spaces become central to daily life in the communities they serve. 


The programme provided a platform for Scottish suppliers eager to penetrate the London market to gain competitive edge by showcasing how innovative concepts and consumer trends are shaping the future of hospitality in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. As a result, participants left with a clearer roadmap to leverage this dynamic market, equipped with the knowledge and connections to succeed. 


Andy Hodgson, CGA by NIQ’s Client Business Partner, said “It was a great time being able to network with and educate Scottish businesses on opportunities in the Out-of-Home, both at London centric level and also in the wider market. The venues we visited on the safari tap into a range of themes and areas that provide inspiration for new business prospects.” 



CGA’s Safaris and dinner events bring together hospitality leaders for exclusive tours, drinks, and discussions. They provide unique opportunities to network with On Premise experts and learn about emerging trends in food, drink, and entertainment, supported by the latest CGA data and insights. To learn more about CGA tours and get your opportunity to join the next one, click here. 

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